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Editorial: Miss Vogue

Miss Vogue Editorial_September 2011_I

If you want to know what Parisian girls dress like right now, just take a look at the October issue of Vogue Paris! It’s all about black & white, a dash of vintage Chanel and – this is new! -sporty elements like track pants, biker jackets and denim.

Miss Vogue Editorial_October 2011_II

Tough glamour à la Parisienne: white leather perfecto, chunky vintage jewelry and a black bodysuit. Add a heeled boot et voilà!

Miss Vogue Editorial_October 2011_III

I’m really into the idea of revamping a white denim mini (I mean really, this is something I hide deep-down in my closet!) with those Giuseppe Zanotti two-tone pumps and a little black jacket. The golden Chanel chain is obligatory. Anyone who can pull this off?

Miss Vogue editorial_October 2011_IV

Oh I almost forgot about this one: the Peter Pan collar. It’s a mega trend here! And it starts spreading all over Europe… Love the idea of accenting a fluffy mohair sweater dress with a golden collar-shaped necklace! Now try to find one…Tss!

Editorial: Miss Vogue / October 2011

Shot by: Katja Rahlwes
Model: Magdalena Frackowiak

Styling: Géraldine Saglio


#PFW: Mixed Media at Dries van Noten

Dries van Noten prints

My favorite off-catwalk style so far! I love how this stylish Dries van Noten show-goer expertly mixes different prints, colors and materials. By the way, a super-smart VOGUE editor once said ‘If you can’t match it, CLASH it!’. Remember that when you are desperate in front of your closet;-). X

#PFW: models off-duty

Hanneli Mustaparta

Wide-legged pants and tank tops on Hanneli and her friend. Perfect for the late-summer heat here in PARIS!

Model off-duty at Dries van Noten

Mini leather shorts and a lose-fit white silk top. Simple. Casual. Cool.

Casual model off-duty

Red pants/jeans/corduroys are really having a moment here in Paris. Got a feeling we’ll be seeing them a lot this winter!

Later, babes!


Bonjour Paris!

Bonjour Paris_Fashioncoup

Paris Fashion Week has officially kicked off! Highlight of the day: Dries van Noten. Stay tuned for our #PFW adventures;-). Xx

#LFW snippets: Columbine Smille

Columbine Smille topshop dress

First of all: Fashioncoup is back to life! Sorry for the silence. We missed you!

Second (breaking news!): Nat and I will be in Paris for FW as of next Tuesday so make sure you to follow us around.

Third: we have collected TONS of pics from NYFW and London and will be uploading these over the next days. So stay tuned!

For a start, here’s a pic of the gorgeous Columbine Smille trying on THE Topshop dress of the moment. I really hope she got this one;-)…

Catch up with you later, babes!