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Let me introduce you to Constantin, one of my dearest friends and most inspiring persons I know!

cutest c

I love getting ready with Constantin in the morning and watch him put together his outfits! This one has just the perfect color palette for fall: burgundy, different shades of brown and some leopard of course..!

Today, Constantin is relaunching his blog Jesuswassize0.

Make sure to check it out and add it to your blogreader for your daily dose of Constantin glamour ;)




Let me officially introduce to you my fabulous sister and – at the same time- my best real-life-fashion-friend.

May you all be inspired;-)!




I like this serious picture of her.


But she’s actually more like THIS! Like laughing a lot. And dirty.

Blazer, dress and shoes: all Zara, tights: Falke, mini clutch: Bottega Veneta, lipstick: T. LeClerc Rouge Vibrant.

Meet La Fee


I have the pleasure to introduce to you one of my most stylish friends: Carla-Fee. We mostly just call her “Fee” which means FAIRY. There is no better word to describe her! She is sweet, gorgeous and has impeccable taste. What I admire most about her art-inspired, feminine way of dressing is the fact that she never tries to be trendy. She doesn’t seem to need approval from anyone or anything. Fee likes a certain piece or combination and that is that.

When we asked her to model some of her favorites for our blog she was right into it. I hope u like what you see;-)!

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