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Dressing for Spring

As always when there’s a change of season, you start wondering what to wear…well, I’ve the feeling I just have winter clothes here in Paris, so I really need to do some Spring shopping asap!

Voila, a small selection of my favourite streestyle inspirations for Spring:

by nast

I believe everything Jeans is gonna be huge! Jeans shirts, jackets, patched up Jeans like the ones from Chloe and playsuits ( I fell in love with this one from ACNE)…


…then there is gonna be lots of beige & khaki and flower prints (go Vintage for that look!)


…and some of our favourites from last seasons like sharp shoulders, leopard and good old chucks in bright colours.

What do you think are the essentials for Spring?!

Pictures by Nast Magazine and the Facehunter

Parisian Love

After visiting home for a few days, I am finally back to my beloved city!!


So, I just had to share with you this incredibly cute ad about going to Paris. It was first shown during this year’s superbowl and I have to say that Google did a great job in creating such a simple ad with such a strong message.

Bags: Alexa on the rise

mulberry alexa bag

Talking about bags: Mulberry‘s latest coup is called “Alexa” (named after noone lesser than fashion’s favourite girl Alexa Chung) and recalls some retro school bag-chic. To be honest, me and Alexa (referring to the bag here) wasn’t love at first sight. I thought it was pretty lame actually. But then I spotted it on one of the interns in my uber-chic office and changed my mind:-). Now I’d literally die to have one but of course Alexa is sold out EVERYWHERE. Well except for the yellow version which I stumpled upon at Heathrow airport (the only thing that saved me from splurging on a YELLOW bag was my closing gate! Thank God!). Despite a slight little confusion at times my heart is set on the oak buffalo-leather version. What do u think, fellow bag-lovers?


Picture via the Sartorialist.

Dreaming of Spring…


Today its the official start of Spring!

I’ve waited so long for this, so lets hope that the mild temperatures stay around…

Obsession du jour: Hats


I am totally obsessed with hats right now…

If you wanna mix with the cool crowd in le Marais you absolutely need to wear a hat, so there is no way I could survive Spring in Paris without having one!




The hunt for the perfect hat has officially begun!

Pictures by the Sartorialist and by the Facehunter.

les Plastiscines concert


Yesterday, we finally went to les Plastiscines concert and it was FUN!!

After the show we had the chance to meet the girls and they are trop cool and really sweet. Plus, they have a great style!


Note to myself: I NEED NEED NEED a hat similar to the one of Louise on the picture above. All the cool kids in Paris wear one (but more about this later)!

I’m off to Germany for a few days, already miss Paris!


YSL retrospective


Last week the first retrospective ever on the whole work of YSL opened in Paris. The exhibit is presented by the Pierre Berge – Yves Saint Laurent Foundation and le Petit Palais in Paris. It comprises over 300 creations and is a true hommage to the master of fashion. A MUST SEE for all fashionistas!

So, if you come to Paris before the end of August make sure you don’t miss it! As for me, its already on my agenda for next week!

Have a great weekend everyone,

love from Paris, Nati

at Chloe: Clemence Poesy

Today, at the Chloe show, I tried to snap some pics of lovely Clemence Poesy

She was literally running away from the crowd of photographers, so that’s the best I could get:




p.s: Don’t miss out on the Louis Vuitton lifestream today!! Watch it at 2.30 pm CET, either on the facebook fanpage or on the i-phone.

Vanessa Bruno Fall 10

For the coming fall season Vanessa Bruno did it ALL right!

I love the colour palette and the fur details, especially on the shoes. All the looks are well put together, without trying too hard.






Pictures via

Picture of the day: Studded chucks

studded chucks

Ohh well, good old chucks..never out of fashion, always comfortable (high speed relief for heel-tortured feed) and so versatile!

I totally need a pair covered up with studds! This might be a worthwhile DIY project, if only I had SOME time…

Picture via Stockholmstreetstyle

at Dior: fooling around

Apart from stalking fashion people at the Dior show, I also had lots of fun fooling around in sunny Jardin des Tuileries. This was mostly due to the totaly lovely baloon dog, which the Grazia team distributed in front of the show…



…yeah, I know doggy dog is just too cute


…then, I also met the fabulous Andy from one of my favourite blogs, Stylescrapbook. You should check it out!


…and I came across Emmanuel, a cute Parisian with a very impressive knowledge on everything fashion


This was really a perfect day inside my fashionbubble ;)!!

Ohh, and on a side note, after a way too long winter break, gossip girl will be back as of tomorrow with an exciting new episode!! Can’t wait for it!