mulberry alexa bag

Talking about bags: Mulberry‘s latest coup is called “Alexa” (named after noone lesser than fashion’s favourite girl Alexa Chung) and recalls some retro school bag-chic. To be honest, me and Alexa (referring to the bag here) wasn’t love at first sight. I thought it was pretty lame actually. But then I spotted it on one of the interns in my uber-chic office and changed my mind:-). Now I’d literally die to have one but of course Alexa is sold out EVERYWHERE. Well except for the yellow version which I stumpled upon at Heathrow airport (the only thing that saved me from splurging on a YELLOW bag was my closing gate! Thank God!). Despite a slight little confusion at times my heart is set on the oak buffalo-leather version. What do u think, fellow bag-lovers?


Picture via the Sartorialist.


  1. Andrea

    Definitely go for the Oak version! I think it’s somewhat of a future classic and you’ll be less likely to grow tired of the colour (though I must admit I fancied the leopard one for a bit). Managed to order one today before it was sold out yet again after about an hour, it’s all gone a bit crazy… Now I just can’t wait for it to arrive :)

  2. M

    keep seeing this bag! SO in love with it. Reminds me a bit of the Proenza one. WANT BOTH. GORG!


  3. really nice bags, worth watching. we are planning to have new bags collection so i am really impressed.

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