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I’m nobody..I can change it all.

Karl’s new cruise collection movie The Tale of a Fairy will be debuting tonight on the the Chanel website. We’ll be seing Kristen McMenamy as struggeling society lady, Baptiste as her player-like god son and favourite model Freja as the mysterious fairy. Don’t miss it out!!

Princess Blair…

…gotta choose her Prince!

Leave it to the producers of gossip girl to yet again create a highly dramatic and oh-so exciting 5 episode season finale.

So, who would you choose? The French Prince (!!), Brooklyn boy or the one and only Chuck Bass??


Rising star: Elle Fanning

Ever since starring in Sofia Coppola’s newest movie Somewhere ( a must-see for everyone who loves Sofia’s poetic and intellectual aesthetics), little Elle is one the rise! With her young age of twelve, she is not only stunning in the role as protagonist Cleo, but has also given proof of an excellent fashion sense. She even made it on the cover of the December/ January issue of favourite French fashion magazine Jalouse.


Elle was shot for a really cute editorial, which is not only beautifully styled, but above all refreshingly age-appropriate (which is most of the times quite tricky to achieve …)


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