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Happy New Year

noctambule 7

Dear readers, NO…we haven’t forgotten you…it’s just that we are both at very exciting places right now and we have been super busy the last couple of weeks! But it’s our BIG new year’s resolution to blog more in the coming year!!!

So NYE has finally arrived! The time of the year to put on your sparkly frocks, get the Champagne out and have a blast! We wish you all a fabulous party tonight. If you wanna have a nice overview of this year’s highlights, have a look here. Many thanks to Miss at la Playa for this great summary!


Les Coupines

The picture above is from the editorial Noctambule, Vogue Paris 2007

How to pull off Sonia Rykiel Lingerie

Elin Kling in a Sonia Rykiel corsage

To be honest I wasn’t too thrilled with the Sonia Rykiel for H&M-collection. I thought the designs were cute but not wearable and realized in poor quality (okay, that was expected! I mean, we’re talking H&M here…). But above all: I wouldn’t know when or where to wear those sexy pieces! Romantic date with the boyfriend? C’MON! I am a busy single gal in a big city. I don’t DO romantic boyfriend dates! When I entered the store on Saturday, my first impression was only confirmed by a mass of giant-looking bulky bras and matching panties (the sad leftovers I guess), all baggy and kind of shape-less. I couldn’t even get myself to try ONE piece.

But then my friend Nina tells me “No, no! I want this lace-thing. It’s perfect!”. Mmmhhh… (where would Nina wear this?). So yesterday I stumpled upon this picture of the gorgeous Elin Kling wearing her Sonia Rykiel for H&M-corsage with a matching lace cardigan (H&M too!), black leggings and a Chanel 2.55. That’s it! FABULOUS! Perfect party-outfit! Sigh. Swedish girls do it better, no;-)?

elin_kling in sonia rykiel corsage

Now that I know how to pull it off it’s probably sold-out. Classic!

I need your help!


As some of you might have noticed, I have not been very active with blogging lately. The reason is my Master Thesis, which has to be done by the end of the year and which is taking most of my time. I am now finally finished with creating the questionnaire for my research and it would be great if you could fill it out (some of you might have already received an e-mail about it). The topic of my reserach is fashion blogs, so you are all part of my perfect sample!!

Check out the questionnaire here!

As I need a lot of respondents, I am grateful for every single one of you who participates and there is also a small reward!

I promise I will be back soon, with lots of new blogging power and great stories from Paris, where I will be moving soon!

Thanks to all of you for your support,

xx Nati

Black Cinderellas

Black Cinderellas

It’s getting cold down here. Time to get those BLACK wool coats out! Boring? Well, it’s all about the details! Be inspired by the Milanese and French fashionistas and wear your coat with black opaques or lace tights (like Giovanna Battaglia, left). A discrete, all-black outfit will leave the floor to spectacular heels and booties. A small belt accentuates the waist and creates an ultra-feminine look. MK Olsen (far right) shows an even more extravagant version with a long lace skirt and Burberry platform booties (perfect contrast!). Last but not least: break it up with some bright red nailpolish. Okay, Nati would go for pink…Works both perfectly!

Here is a selection of stunning coats for the ultimate Cinderella-feeling:

Black Cinderella_Get the look

1. The luxe version: Miu belted wool coat via (€1.290) for many years

2. Eco class: Juicy Couture “Michelle” via (€402.95)

3. On a budget: Topshop’s “Melton Frock” coat has a cute skirt detail (£85)

Les Plastiscines


I have a serious music crush on French girl band Les Plasticines. They make the perfect music to warm up for a girls’ night out or to just listen to while getting dressed – either way good mood is guaranteed!! Check out their best songs…

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