Elin Kling in a Sonia Rykiel corsage

To be honest I wasn’t too thrilled with the Sonia Rykiel for H&M-collection. I thought the designs were cute but not wearable and realized in poor quality (okay, that was expected! I mean, we’re talking H&M here…). But above all: I wouldn’t know when or where to wear those sexy pieces! Romantic date with the boyfriend? C’MON! I am a busy single gal in a big city. I don’t DO romantic boyfriend dates! When I entered the store on Saturday, my first impression was only confirmed by a mass of giant-looking bulky bras and matching panties (the sad leftovers I guess), all baggy and kind of shape-less. I couldn’t even get myself to try ONE piece.

But then my friend Nina tells me “No, no! I want this lace-thing. It’s perfect!”. Mmmhhh… (where would Nina wear this?). So yesterday I stumpled upon this picture of the gorgeous Elin Kling wearing her Sonia Rykiel for H&M-corsage with a matching lace cardigan (H&M too!), black leggings and a Chanel 2.55. That’s it! FABULOUS! Perfect party-outfit! Sigh. Swedish girls do it better, no;-)?

elin_kling in sonia rykiel corsage

Now that I know how to pull it off it’s probably sold-out. Classic!


  1. Hey, thanks for contacting me about your questionnaire, I’m filling it out right now.

    Swedish girls most definitely do do it better, I wish I was Swedish and not just born there.

  2. lol i hate that… when you warm up to something it just seems purpose less or too late she is wearing it very well want a corset now

    i did your survey btw

    Vi from Cali

  3. he

    wow you look amazing, love the lace look

    -He approves

    let he know if you want to link exchange?

  4. Great look, you look amazing and thank you to contact me!!!!!!

  5. I was so sad at realizing that that velvet morning robe was completely sold out. It would have been great to pull over… anything. Sigh – I guess I can spend the money on christmas presents instead…

  6. That’s a rad outfit! Glad I came across your blog through your e-mail- will be filling out your questionnaire! xo, mel

  7. CC

    Love this look! Lace has always been one of my favorite fabrics b’cause it is so versatile.

  8. Sophie

    Follow Patricia’s Blog / * Voted Best Jewellery Blog in Europe *
    I hope you like it .


  9. Gosh, you need to a blonde and tall to do that. There’s just a lot of lace to carry. A short girl like me may just look like a wannabe … how sad.


  10. So sexy!!!!!!!
    I love this look!!!


  11. Hmm… Although she’s pulling off this look amazingly, I’m not sold on leggings as pants normally! And when I went to NYC all the Sonia Rykel collection was sold out, though a few Jimmy Choo items were still there (sadly far out of my budget range =()! What I can’t wait for though, is the Rodarte collab with Target! (And isn’t Gaultier collaborating with H&M next?)

  12. How to wear lace… I feel a post coming on. BTW, I really like your blog and have added you on my blog list. Naturally I’d be absolutely delighted if Psynopsis could end up on your list, too. (If you like my blog.)
    Sabine x

  13. Actually, your idea is great!
    I put it for my man, it lasted 5 minutes on me, too sad……
    The next time, i dot for going outsides, for dancing all night like you…. at least im sure my friends will tell me that top! (sorry for my english i’m french !)

  14. he

    the lace top is really sexy!!!

    -He approves

    link exchange?


  15. Aww that’s so disapointing to hear! The lingerie all looked so cute in the magazine editorials, especially the dusty pink zip up bra.

  16. Nina

    Süsse, habs gerade gesehen! I love this look!

  17. It took me a while to search on the net, only your site explain the fully details, bookmarked and thanks again.

    - Laura

  18. I’ve always loved the “lingerie as outerwear” trend, and I’ve worn solid-colored opaque corsets over loose dresses, to give them shape. That Sonia Rykiel number is too risque for me though.

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