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Stairway to Shopping Heaven

Bergdorf beauty in Oscar de la Renta

Friday morning at Bergdorf Goodman. On the stairway to theirShoe Salon (which can be described as Sin City for fashionistas) I got to capture a picture of this “Bergdorf Beauty” in a breath-taking Oscar de la Renta silk dress. Models in cocktail dresses and high heels at this time of the day while it’s november-rainy outside? It’s NYC, baby!

Good morning NY!

Central Park morning light

The good thing about being jet-lagged is that I (usually not exactly a morning-person!) wake up real early and get to see amazing views of this amazing city. Like Central Park in the warm morning light on a sunny day. FABULOUS! The downside: falling asleep in a cab on my way to dinner in SoHo, realizing that I am an hour too EARLY (never happened before, I swear!), heading straight to the bar for a double espresso and any drink that contains sparkling wine or redbull and making everyone around think that I’m really stoned…

Oh and by the way: I didn’t shop anything yet. Not kidding! It might be because I could hardly keep my eyes open the past two days or maybe I was just too excited/amazed/drawn to everything else in this city that I kept thinking “yeah, I can get that online too!”. I am not giving up yet though;-). Off to Barneys!

Love from THE CITY.

N.Y. loves me

N.Y. lovesme

N.Y. loves me. And I love N.Y. I just know it! We had a sort of long-distance-relationship so far… But Thursday will be the day when I can finally embrace my beloved city and let the world know that we were meant to be! It will be a rendezvous in fashion heaven;-).

Yeah. Back to reality. Fact is: I’m going on a five-days-trip to the big apple with my sis and I have so many plans and a to-do-list of 20 pages (okay, 30!) that five weeks wouldn’t be enough to tick it all off. Taking into account the likely event that I will be dead broke after three days only having shopped like a CRAZY person, five days is the maximum I can do. For now. But this love-story will be continued. Cause N.Y. loves me, u know;-)?

Sneak preview: CHANEL magazine

Chanel magazine first pictures

We love everything CHANEL. From bags to nailpolish and from the movie to King Karl – EVERYTHING. So hearing that the talented Olivier Zahm (Purple Fashion) will art direct and design the first-ever-magazine of the iconic fashion house is great news to us! Chanel may not be the first-mover in this but at least they do it right. The first pictures are promising!

Gotta call my sister and ask her to run to their store in Frankfurt and pick up a copy. BTW they named it “31 Rue Cambon“. It’s already a classic, don’t u think;-)?

The day after

the day after

Hanging out at my sister’s place wearing pretty much everything my mom hates to see us in. Like faux-leather leggings and animal prints… This is a rather unusual outfit for me as I tend to dress more classic. But yeah…it’s “the day after”. So I just threw on some basic tee and added stuff from my sister’s closet;-)

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Happy B-day

Birthday party

It’s Carola’s Birthday today!

Congratulations sweety! Stay exactly as fabulous and inspiring as you are!

Looking forward to tonight…

Love and bisous


Cheap & Chic: Moschino

how to do moschino vintage belt

There are certain relicts from the 80′s that totally deserve a comeback. Among those: the Moschino statement belt. No need to discuss whether it’s too bold, too flashy or even tasteless: IT’S COOL! Just like Rayban Wayfarers are.

Inspired by some of our favorite blogger colleagues (Gala, Camille and Kristin from Beach Black), we pulled this look taking the Moschino belt from the 80′s to the 2000′s:

1. Belt: Moschino (vintage, search Ebay!)

2. Dress: Acne print silk dress via

3. COS platform booties

4. Turban-like hat from Opening Ceremony

5. Matching pyramid ring: Kenneth Jay Lane

6. Nailpolish: Chanel Orange Fizz

Okay, I admit that this outfit is a little outrageous. But c’mon…I’d totally wear it like this if I lived in NYC. Ha…if only I lived in NYC! For all other city-girls: add a grey ovesized sweater;-)!




Due to my Master thesis I have been dealing a lot lately with the use of new media in marketing so I was delighted about this new, innovative project by Burberry. The art of the trench is an online platform, which was created in cooperation with the Sartorialist and which is a fabulous hommage to our all-time favourite piece of clothing. The site shows a great selection of streetstyle pictures of people wearing their trenchcoats across all major fashion capitals. Check it out here, its a great source of inspiration and it’s even possible to upload your own pics;-)

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10 Corso Como goes chic-onomics!

10 Corso Como joins The Outnet

During my year in Milan 10 Corso Como used to be my favorite saturday-afternoon-hangout. Not necessarily for shopping but more to be INSPIRED. The music, the fashion, the people – all major trends could be spotted here. Carla Sozzani, former VOGUE editor and Italy’s style pope, founded this place almost 20 years ago. It is a beautifully designed concept store that hosts a great selection of designer fashion, furniture, design objects, music and books. Hidden away from Milan’s tourist area with its flashy designer-temples, 10 Corso Como has established as one of Europe’s most influential TREND BOUTIQUES. Alaia, Louboutin, Marni, Balenciaga…of course all these big names come with a hefty price tag! Luckily, the store now decided to cooperate with Net-a-Porter’s online-outlet “The Outnet” to sell one-of-a-kind pieces from past collections. Good for us!

Here are some of my favorites:

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Let me officially introduce to you my fabulous sister and – at the same time- my best real-life-fashion-friend.

May you all be inspired;-)!




I like this serious picture of her.


But she’s actually more like THIS! Like laughing a lot. And dirty.

Blazer, dress and shoes: all Zara, tights: Falke, mini clutch: Bottega Veneta, lipstick: T. LeClerc Rouge Vibrant.