N.Y. lovesme

N.Y. loves me. And I love N.Y. I just know it! We had a sort of long-distance-relationship so far… But Thursday will be the day when I can finally embrace my beloved city and let the world know that we were meant to be! It will be a rendezvous in fashion heaven;-).

Yeah. Back to reality. Fact is: I’m going on a five-days-trip to the big apple with my sis and I have so many plans and a to-do-list of 20 pages (okay, 30!) that five weeks wouldn’t be enough to tick it all off. Taking into account the likely event that I will be dead broke after three days only having shopped like a CRAZY person, five days is the maximum I can do. For now. But this love-story will be continued. Cause N.Y. loves me, u know;-)?


  1. Nati

    sooo jealous;)!!

  2. so jealous – have fun xxxxxxx

  3. you’re going to have so much fun! i just moved here and its like a new experience everyday. make sure you take advantage of the independent retail fashion week! AND OUR WEATHER HAS BEEN AMAZING!!! sunny and upper 50′s. cant ask for more


    lekisskiss.blogspot.com <– two girls blogging fashion from nyc and chicago!

  4. Gunni

    ;) Sounds great Carola! Have a wonderful trip and yup – shop like crazy! Say hello to NYC!

  5. i love new york city! hehe i live there :)
    hope you have a wonderful trip and explore because nyc is the capital of fashion.

    love your blog and love the collage

  6. Sounds great!!!! and amazing collage as always!
    have fun!!!


  7. I love this city!! Always have and always will. Someday I’ll live there…

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