Chanel magazine first pictures

We love everything CHANEL. From bags to nailpolish and from the movie to King Karl – EVERYTHING. So hearing that the talented Olivier Zahm (Purple Fashion) will art direct and design the first-ever-magazine of the iconic fashion house is great news to us! Chanel may not be the first-mover in this but at least they do it right. The first pictures are promising!

Gotta call my sister and ask her to run to their store in Frankfurt and pick up a copy. BTW they named it “31 Rue Cambon“. It’s already a classic, don’t u think;-)?


  1. Wow I love this, it looks amazing!!

    The film was enjoyable, you should rent it when it comes out :) Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. oh yes i love chanel too xxxxxx

  3. o wow how exciting!!!

    F <– two girls blogging fashion from ny and chicago!

  4. Wow!!! That’s so exciting!! I love your blog — your outfits are incredible!

  5. Tracy

    This Magazine SUCK!!! WASTE OF MONEY!!
    ???????????????? Copy/paste if this
    ???????????????? fucker wasted? ur

  6. Hi Nati, hi Carola,

    please check out the new amazing fashion advent calender where you can win one fashion item each day! I would like to know the brands you’re looking forward to….

  7. I loooove Chanel too!
    beautiful images in black and white with pink?

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