Due to my Master thesis I have been dealing a lot lately with the use of new media in marketing so I was delighted about this new, innovative project by Burberry. The art of the trench is an online platform, which was created in cooperation with the Sartorialist and which is a fabulous hommage to our all-time favourite piece of clothing. The site shows a great selection of streetstyle pictures of people wearing their trenchcoats across all major fashion capitals. Check it out here, its a great source of inspiration and it’s even possible to upload your own pics;-)

This new project is a brilliant marketing concept and it’s great to see that our favourite bloggers are gaining ever more influence in the fashion industry. On a smaller scale, Lacoste has been working on a similar project together with the Facehunter. So we hope to see more of such work in the future!

As for the trench, Les Coupines just love this most versatile (check out our Summer version of the look) and chicest of all clothing pieces, which is key to each wardrobe. If you are not able to splurge on the Burberry version, there are some other great alternatives by ACNE, Twenty8Twelve and Topshop!


  1. i am allllll about the trenches!!

    F <– two girls living in nyc and chicago blogging all things fashion!

  2. fortheloveofphotography

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