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What to wear for work

grey suit the sartorialist

Today is Nati’s first day at her new job in Paris! And knowing my beloved Coupine I also KNOW that she’s been searching her closet and every trusted store in the city for the entire past week to find a suit-able outfit. Now with workwear it totally depends on the job and the sector you’re working in. In Nati’s case I would say it has to be chic and professional rather than formal. Which can be tricky! Therefore, I have picked out a couple of fail-safe outfits that seem to fit the bill!

Be inspired, dearest!

camel coat and YSL bag

Apart from searching for the perfect suit (which can take years) it is probably a smart move to invest in a classic camel coat for fall. I like mixing it with whites and a hat for early fall!

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A peek at Viviana’s fall shopping list

shopping guide_viviana volpicella

Girls, you HAVE to check out’s fall shopping guide! Why? International Fashion Influencers like Anna dello Russo, Garance Doré and Rachel Zoe reveal what’s on top of their shopping list for the new season and share their favourites in a beautifully edited guide. My personal highlight is Viviana Volpicella’s choice, whose cool Italian style I simply ADORE.

fendi messenger bag leopard

One of Viviana’s picks for fall is this super-cute leopard messenger bag from FENDI. I really can’t wait for that bag to hit the stores! It’s gonna be my fast-track to cool for any plain outfit.

viviana volpicella_sartorialist

Here’s one of my favourite Viviana outfits. A beautiful lace dress set off with a cool military parka, YSL sandals and the gorgeous Prada plastic clutch. So simple, so cool! Her signature style includes Rayban Wayfarers (I’ve actually never seen her without) and a pop of color.

viviana volpicella by garance doré

Viviana Volpicella knows good style;-). Be inspired!

Pics via, The Sartorialist and Garance Doré.

Rediscovered: silk shirts

Jewelry editorial Vogue Paris July 2010

One of the most versatile and simple pieces to wear right now is definitely a powder toned chemise en soie. To me, silk shirts are the surprise hit of the season yet totally season-less.

For the très Parisiènne look wear it all buttoned up with fine gold jewelry and a vintage belt (this one’s from Kiliwatch, Nati’s favourite vintage destination!).

Pictures: Vogue Paris, July issue

Jewelry editorial Vogue Paris II

A classic silk blouse will soften summer’s utility trend (perfect with khaki shorts!) and solve any pre-fall outfit dilemma while it leaves the floor to statement accessories and fine jewelry. The best brand? Equipment offers classic-cut silk blouses in creamy white or powdery beige at a reasonable price point.

Summer in the City, Paris The Sartorialist

Very ‘summer in the city-ish’! The soft shade enhances a summer tan (working on mine right now!) and looks completely effortless when left unbuttoned.

Picture: The Sartorialist

Obsession du jour: Hats


I am totally obsessed with hats right now…

If you wanna mix with the cool crowd in le Marais you absolutely need to wear a hat, so there is no way I could survive Spring in Paris without having one!




The hunt for the perfect hat has officially begun!

Pictures by the Sartorialist and by the Facehunter.

Sparkle it up!



Take a cue from these two fashion week beauties on how to instantly spice up an outfit.  

Its easy: Take out your favourite sequins party top and pair it with basic day time staples for an effortless yet glamorous look.

Pictures: the Sartorialist & the Facehunter



Due to my Master thesis I have been dealing a lot lately with the use of new media in marketing so I was delighted about this new, innovative project by Burberry. The art of the trench is an online platform, which was created in cooperation with the Sartorialist and which is a fabulous hommage to our all-time favourite piece of clothing. The site shows a great selection of streetstyle pictures of people wearing their trenchcoats across all major fashion capitals. Check it out here, its a great source of inspiration and it’s even possible to upload your own pics;-)

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Garance Doré

Garance Dore

Garance Doré is one of our all time favourite bloggers!  She has an incredible talent to take pictures of girls, which underline their inner beauty. And Garance has a great sense of humour. We LOVE her stories about her newest style addictions, little fashion emergencies and all the other girl talk. So it has become one of our favourite daily routines, to check her blog in the morning! Garance has been doing some great work and has been rewarded for that: recently, she launched a limited collection of T-shirts with the GAP (which sadly sold out immediately) and is now working very closely with French Vogue (could there be a better match?) to do some behind the scenes coverage.

Taking our high appreciation for Garance’s work, you can certainly imagine that we had the most surreal moment ever, when we met her and the Sartorialist in the Metro on the way to the Chloe Show, during Fashion Week. Garance was stunning in person! So natural, and sweet and very chic wearing her short- sleeved Max Mara coat. So we talked to her – actually Garance did most of the talking, we were so taken by her charisma that we could merely sit there and listen. We were even too excited to ask for a picture (sooo stupid of us!!).

Well, I promise I stop obsessing now…but let me still show you some of my very favourite pictures by Garance…

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Picture of the day: biking in Paris

bikes in paris

I just love this picture of super hot Entourage star Adrian Grenier (you might also know him as the cute boyfriend in the Devil Wears Prada) riding a bike in Paris. When we were in Paris last week, we noticed bikes ALL over the place, they really seem to be the new ‘It’ accessory.

Note to myself: when I’m moving to Paris in January, I gotta get myself a bike asap, plus a cute guy to ride it with ;-)

Picture: the Sartorialist

Best of NY Fashion Week part deux

best of ny

Time during fashion weeks is CRAZY…it almost feels like being in a race against your blogreader, trying to keep up with all that new fashion material each day. There are so many new pictures and inspirations, it’s total information overload – in a good way! So, while all the attention already shifted to London, I am still catching up with New York! Voila, a few of my personal highlights from NY fashion week…

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First Lady of Fashion Blogging

Garance at he Sartorialist book signing

Saturday, 5th September, 4:30 p.m. at Colette Paris.

Crowds of young Parisians and international followers of the Sartorialist are queuing outside the famous concept store to get their copy of THE BOOK signed by Scott Schuman himself. It is almost impossible to enter the store and one could easily assume that some popstar came down to shake hands and give autographs. And there, in the middle of flashing cameras, excited fans, the hardworking Colette-staff and next to a very busy Scott, she sits shining and smiling gracefully: GARANCE DORÉ.

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