I know, I know… I’m way behind all the Fashion Week coverage, still I wanted to share some of my favourite London FW impressions

1. The Burberry Collection for next Spring is simply devine: all the sexy draping, nudes and pastells spiced up with tough leather belts…it all feels very luxe and yet young. Bravissimo, Christopher! Watch the whole show here.

2. THE eyecatcher at the Burberry party was our favourite movie star in the making Emma Watson. She totally rocked the little sparkling frock from the last Burberry collection…no wonder EVERYBODY wanted to snatch a picture of her!

3. Although I kind of missed Luella’s usual girly and quirky vibe (the new collection seems way more grown up and put together), I still like the hair and make-up of that show a lot. Plus, I am really happy to see Ali Michael back in the scene and prettier than ever!

4. Les Coupines just love the leo look for this winter. And no one pulls it off better than the London girls: just add some smokey eyes, a wayfarer and some rock’n'roll attitude to make the leo look work!

5. It would be no real London feeling without our favourite Brit chick Alexa Chung. She always knows what to wear and how to wear it, without looking too perfect and polished. For more great Alexa outfits check out the site of her MTV show.

Pictures:, the Sartorialist, Garance Dore, Jak&Jil


  1. I am still swooning over Burberry-love the collage!

  2. Thanks for all of the nice comments! We added you to our blog list :)

    p.s. I want the gold dress!!!!!!

  3. I added you to my blog list too xo

  4. And I’m going to be the third in a row to say “Adding you to my blog list” lol. Love your Burberry collage as well :) and glad you’re enjoying the blog!
    -Andrew J

  5. Okay I think I may have closed that window too quickly, so in case it didn’t go through here is what I said again lol:
    “I’m going to be the third in a row to say it, adding you to my blog list as well lol. I like your Burberry collage as well! Thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoy the blog!”

    -Andrew J

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