bikes in paris

I just love this picture of super hot Entourage star Adrian Grenier (you might also know him as the cute boyfriend in the Devil Wears Prada) riding a bike in Paris. When we were in Paris last week, we noticed bikes ALL over the place, they really seem to be the new ‘It’ accessory.

Note to myself: when I’m moving to Paris in January, I gotta get myself a bike asap, plus a cute guy to ride it with ;-)

Picture: the Sartorialist


  1. louiseclara

    it IS the it accessory of today girls. people say that there are a lot of problems with payment and stuff but i experienced it by myself. it was great. and when you live in paris you can also rent them for a year abonement and rent the bike from each station just in a few seconds. you have to try it. its fantastic. and sure primarily in summer. cause paris is full of cycleways. VELIB thumbs up. bye. L

  2. felix

    it is not the new ‘it’ accessory – even ‘les beurs’ using the bikes when they are in the city center…it is just convenient! thats all

  3. are you really moving there? that is amazing. great image xx

  4. It’s the same with bicycles here in Helsinki. Everyone either has a “Jopo” or an old granny bike. Personally I like Chanel’s bike designs :D

  5. m*

    Your blog is amazing and yes, he’s really hot!!

  6. ahh candid! he is SO cute & love his style <3

  7. What a cutie photo! I met Adrian a few years ago in Los Angeles and he’s a super nice, down to earth guy….

    So now you can oogle over him even more :)

  8. i love that guy. looks so amazing. this picture is too. x

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