Garance Dore

Garance Doré is one of our all time favourite bloggers!  She has an incredible talent to take pictures of girls, which underline their inner beauty. And Garance has a great sense of humour. We LOVE her stories about her newest style addictions, little fashion emergencies and all the other girl talk. So it has become one of our favourite daily routines, to check her blog in the morning! Garance has been doing some great work and has been rewarded for that: recently, she launched a limited collection of T-shirts with the GAP (which sadly sold out immediately) and is now working very closely with French Vogue (could there be a better match?) to do some behind the scenes coverage.

Taking our high appreciation for Garance’s work, you can certainly imagine that we had the most surreal moment ever, when we met her and the Sartorialist in the Metro on the way to the Chloe Show, during Fashion Week. Garance was stunning in person! So natural, and sweet and very chic wearing her short- sleeved Max Mara coat. So we talked to her – actually Garance did most of the talking, we were so taken by her charisma that we could merely sit there and listen. We were even too excited to ask for a picture (sooo stupid of us!!).

Well, I promise I stop obsessing now…but let me still show you some of my very favourite pictures by Garance…




Garance, keep on inspiring us every day! We love you!


Les Coupines


  1. m*

    She’s one of my favourite ones as well!

  2. ina

    great post!!! Thank you… Love your blog ;)

  3. wm

    Really like your blog girls !

  4. Ulrike

    i LOVE that picture of Clémence Poésy. When I first saw it on Garance’s blog my mood went from gloomy to bright in a second :) its so beautiful, and a wonderful portrait

  5. You have a beautiful blog! Such a delight to read what you have to say. xx

  6. Maruska

    I adore her. She is the best.

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