I have a serious music crush on French girl band Les Plasticines. They make the perfect music to warm up for a girls’ night out or to just listen to while getting dressed – either way good mood is guaranteed!! Check out their best songs…

Voila, their song Barcelona…

..the song Bitch, which appeared in Gossip Girl episode 9, playing along Jenny’s rise to Queen…

…and this French number, played in Topshop’s Christmas Collection behind the scenes video…

If you wanna see more of the girls, check out their blog, which is full of cool party pics and other fun stuff!


  1. these girls have great style! love this particular photo too!

  2. love and this pic is amazing xo

  3. brilliant! love all their songs x

  4. Martin

    hot :)

  5. i love that polaroid! so cool!


    lekisskiss.blogspot.com <–two girls blogging fashion in ny and chicago!

  6. Stylish girls! I love their songs,so cool!!!!!


  7. Love this post!!! Your blog is my new obsession.


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