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Chanel girls

Spotted at yesterday’s presentation of the new Chanel Cruise Collection:


the lovely Clemence Poesy in a light tweed/feather frock


Über-cool Brits Alexa Chung and Poppy Delevigne


Gossip girl and newest Chanel brand embassador Blake Lively

Pictures via les mads and knightcat

Princess Blair…

…gotta choose her Prince!

Leave it to the producers of gossip girl to yet again create a highly dramatic and oh-so exciting 5 episode season finale.

So, who would you choose? The French Prince (!!), Brooklyn boy or the one and only Chuck Bass??


Les Plastiscines


I have a serious music crush on French girl band Les Plasticines. They make the perfect music to warm up for a girls’ night out or to just listen to while getting dressed – either way good mood is guaranteed!! Check out their best songs…

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Can’t wait to gossip again…

Hello you GOSSIP maniacs all around, admit it: you are dying for the new GG season to air! It’s exactly a month until the return of drama, high fashion and… Chuck Bass!