noctambule 7

Dear readers, NO…we haven’t forgotten you…it’s just that we are both at very exciting places right now and we have been super busy the last couple of weeks! But it’s our BIG new year’s resolution to blog more in the coming year!!!

So NYE has finally arrived! The time of the year to put on your sparkly frocks, get the Champagne out and have a blast! We wish you all a fabulous party tonight. If you wanna have a nice overview of this year’s highlights, have a look here. Many thanks to Miss at la Playa for this great summary!


Les Coupines

The picture above is from the editorial Noctambule, Vogue Paris 2007


  1. Thanks for mentioning my post! :) Happy New Year!

  2. Looove the picture! I really that 2010 will be as fabulous and inspiring as this past year has been. Many bisous from this hidden place somwhere in Switzerland (it’s kinda stylish actually!)…

  3. love this pic! happy nye!

    F <– 2 girls bloggin fashion from nyc and chicago!

  4. Rai

    Love your dress!Fantastic shot!

    You can follow me on my blog :) :


  5. This dress is so gorgeous, I wantwantwant it! Although I think part of it’s appeal may be the fact it is worn above those amazing Daria legs….

  6. Love the outfit here-the top is really nice!

  7. Hey! Just wanted to say Happy New Year and I hope your Masters Thesis went well. I really enjoyed being able to help out on that.
    Also, we have similar NYE resolutions with blogging more. Luckily I just graduated in December so I’m going to have a lot more time now. When you get going again, I’d love to have you do a guest blog on Me & Marisa if you’d be up for it :).
    Let me know!

    -Andrew J

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