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Berlin Day 2

Berlin outfit of the day

Berlin Fashion Week day 2 outfit. My lovely co-worker took this picture of me this morning right before we headed out to see the first show (Schumacher). I am wearing a night blue Prada shirt all buttoned up with a swirly Isabel Marant Étoile print skirt. Oh and I just got these Chlóe sandals on sale a couple of days ago and am so in love! Their shape is completely retro – the kind of retro that is still a bit ahead of its time! Will try for a closer pic later.

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Petite Palermo

Olivia Palermo at Markus Lupfer Berlin_I

Olivia Palermo attending the Markus Lupfer presentation at Soho House Berlin today.

Olivia Palermo with a tan Hermès Birkin bagActually Olivia is real petite. I didn’t even recognize her at first sight when she walked into the lobby of Soho House. She was wearing this white draped dress which she tucked into a Markus Lupfer fringy skirt and belted it with a signature silk scarf. Oh and she was standing on her toes the entire time for the pictures:-). So cute!

Olivia Palermo at Markus Lupfer Berlin

It was a really hot day in Berlin and I wonder how she managed to look so fresh! I’d love to see a make-up tutorial of Olivia Palermo – her complexion was really flawless and evenly tanned.

Markus Lupfer and Olivia Palermo at SoHo house Berlin

UK based designer Markus Lupfer and Olivia Palermo posing for the photographers. By the way his collections are really great! I hope to see more of him over here.

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Spotted: Topmodel Eva Padberg & Armin Mohrbach

Eva Padberg und Armin Mohrbach

I spotted German topmodel Eva Padberg at the Schumacher opening show this morning. I have to say that I’d never been my much of a fan but was totally amazed by her fresh looks and her cool outfit:

eva padberg

Note to myself: Grey-ish velvet blazers paired with powder-colored silk dresses make a perfect fashion-show-outfit. And yeah, who really cares about the bag in 2010?

Back in the game: at Berlin Fashion Week

Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week 2010

Yes, girlies, it’s been a while…Apologies for not being able to update for so long but I was really busy getting systemated! New year, new job, new…closet;-). But now I’m back in the game and blogging live from Berlin Fashion Week. Ueber-exciting! Stay tuned!