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Cool Girl Style

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new york two girls

Hermès is currently trying hard to update its classic, verrry traditional image by infusing it with  ‘Cool Girl Style’. Grandma’s silk carrés put together with an eclectic mix of highstreet and vintage? That basically screams for a stylistic clash pushing its interpereteurs, a gang of real CITY girls from NY, Paris, London & Tokyo in this case, to the limits of their mix & match skills. However, the result – presented on an online platform which can be accessed through the Hermès homepage – is fantastic. Easy, fun and authentic. You can basically breath the “summer in the city” flair. And even the iconic scarfs blend in naturally – like true vintage finds. Trust the girls;-)!

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Polished perfection: Hermès ‘Constance’


Bye bye slouchy bags! The new shape for bags is small and square with a long strap and ‘retro-feel’. While everyone else seems to go crazy about Celine’s Heritage model I’d rather take that money straight to Hermès. Not exactly an understatement accessory, the classic ‘Constance’ does offer a prestige that is priceless. Plus we probably won’t get tired of it all too soon as Hermès bags always stay refreshingly fad-resistant!

anastasia barbieri

Anastasia Barbieri featured the Hermès Constance in one of my all-time favourite editorials in Vogue. Très Parisienne! What do you think, Nat?

Birking Watcher

I love how it perfectly matches elegant and simple outfits in soft tones. Quite my bag;-)!

anna dello russo

Oh oh and even Anna wears it! Right there, that’s the proof! It IS a must-have accessory for the global best dressed (see where I’m aiming at? Ha ha!). No I just have to figure out a financial plan (crisis, crisis!) and then this will be my door-opener for Paris Fashion Week. Better than paper tickets. Definitely!


Pics: Jak & Jil, Birkin Watcher, TFS

Dreaming of Spring…


Today its the official start of Spring!

I’ve waited so long for this, so lets hope that the mild temperatures stay around…