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Rising star: Elle Fanning

Ever since starring in Sofia Coppola’s newest movie Somewhere ( a must-see for everyone who loves Sofia’s poetic and intellectual aesthetics), little Elle is one the rise! With her young age of twelve, she is not only stunning in the role as protagonist Cleo, but has also given proof of an excellent fashion sense. She even made it on the cover of the December/ January issue of favourite French fashion magazine Jalouse.


Elle was shot for a really cute editorial, which is not only beautifully styled, but above all refreshingly age-appropriate (which is most of the times quite tricky to achieve …)


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H&M festival collection

Just as a small reminder: the highly anticipated H&M Fashion against Aids festival collection is hitting stores today!

These are my favourite pieces:


I love the denim dress and shorts, the little embellished blazer, the leather jacket seems to be just perfect, and this leo print dress is very Lanvin-like… and how cute is the girls festival kit??? Not that I’m lucky enough to have a real reason to buy this stuff (like attending Coachella or Glastonbury), but the Jalouse rocks Paris festival in June could be a good excuse! In any case, I am gonna start my trip through H&M stores in Paris right now and hope to snap at least one of those great pieces! I’ll report back to you;)

To all the hot couples out there…

On this Valentines’s day it seems the right time to pay homage to all of those hot and cute couples out there. They seem to be very en vogue lately, especially in Paris. Some of the most hip Parisian labels, Zadig & Voltaire and the Kooples have been using the theme for their ad campaigns several seasons in a row.


For the coming season, Mark Ronson and Josephine de la Baume are starring in the new Zadig & Voltaire ads. Last season the choice was for the couple du jour Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp, defenitely the hottest duo out there, as proven by the latest issue of Jalouse Magazine.

Sean & Charlotte

And voila, some of the super hip couples appearing in the new the Kooples ad series:




So, even as the most notorious single, you cannot help but love them, right?!

Happy V-day to all of you hot couples and hot singles out there!