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Top 10 fashion regrets

There’s a section inside Topshop with all the single pieces and it’s called “Buy it now – or regret it later”. I believe that this was invented specifically for me (and all girls like me). I have fashion regrets all the time! Everyday. Every season. I tend to either like the stuff of next season (which I can’t get my hands on) OR of past seasons. From a retrospective it suddenly all makes sense to me and I know exactly which pieces were worth buying (lasting power!) while I am totally overstrained with figuring out what I should get for the CURRENT season. Then I get obsessed with last season’s highlights and will try to source them from literally EVERYWHERE (Yoox, vintage stores, friends, ebay…). I decided to share a “best of” of my fashion regrets with you (AND I WANNA KNOW ABOUT YOURS, LADIES!):

ysl muse 2

1. The Yves Saint Laurent Muse 2 in BLUE!!! By far my biggest regret and top of that my colleague has it! So I am basically tortured everyday…

Marni fall 2007 wedges

2. The Marni wedges from F/W 2007 are still incredibly hot. I found them in a bronze patent leather version but finally decided it just wasn’t the same thing…Lucky Jane!

prada runway belt

3. The Prada belt from the F/W 2009 runway show is just too perfect for any kind of belted outfit (dress, cardi, coat, ANYTHING!). Black is still available but I want brown. Of course…

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