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Super Karlie


Despite her 17 years, Karlie Kloss is one of the most desired models in the industry!! She is kind of omnipresent, but still I never get tired of watching her! This month she scored two amazing editorials in Vogue UK and Teen Vogue. Although, she goes fine in very glamorous looks, I really like her in these sports inspired outfits (particularly the A.Wang pieces!!) and very natural as an “all Amercian girl”.







Pictures via fashion gone rouge

Best of NY Fashion Week part deux

best of ny

Time during fashion weeks is CRAZY…it almost feels like being in a race against your blogreader, trying to keep up with all that new fashion material each day. There are so many new pictures and inspirations, it’s total information overload – in a good way! So, while all the attention already shifted to London, I am still catching up with New York! Voila, a few of my personal highlights from NY fashion week…

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