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Summer Styles Part 2

my summer style-2

Voilà, some of my favourite summer looks! As with Carola, my colour palette is rather neutral with lots of black, white and grey…spiced up with some pops of gold. This summer I practically live in my jeans shorts, which I dress up with a blazer and heels or down with my favourite Miu Miu gladiators and a simple tee. Did I mention that I spent most of the time searching for the perfectly fitting white t-shirt? Sometimes, the simple things are the hardest to find…!

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Summer Styles

Summer Styles Carola

Not sure if it’s still the influence of my Milanese summers (all jet-black and dressed up despite a billlllion degrees outside!) or maybe just the fact that summers aren’t what they used to be: the color palette of my favorite summer pieces is clearly not summery…BUT I have a sort of Scottish tan going on so anything brighter than “greige” would just look ridiculous anyways (I figured)!

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