Happy Birthday Nati

Okay, what’s this month’s most important event? No, not Berlin Fashion Week (that’s my good excuse!). It’s the 25-years celebration of Princess Paris formerly known as La Coupine 1! Yeah and I forgot! Blame it on my tight schedule packed with fashion shows, interviews and the set up of a new blog (more later) or the fact that Nati and I have been separated literally (she in Paris, me in a small town somewhere close to the alps…) which feels kinda weird. However, to make it all up here’s an official ode to the most fabulous and amazing girl on the planet! May all of your wishes come true (the ones including Isabel Marant and YSL don’t count!).

I miss u.

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  1. Carola

    BTW: These are MY Balenciagas;-)!

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