darla black side

chloé darla geschlossen

I only just realized how beautiful Chloé’s latest bag coup -named Darla tote- is when I saw it sitting on the desk of my co-worker. It looks like a more polished version of the trendy satchel bags hanging off the arm of every fashion savvy girl in town now. Plus I fall for black soft-looking leather with golden hardware everytime :-). What do you think, fellow bag lovers?

Chloé Darla shoulder

If it only wasn’t so damn expensive! Sigh.


  1. oh I love this bag from the first day, wish my bank account was nice enough to buy me this…money, come to me soon !!!

  2. little liss chanel

    i loooove it!! saw it at Colette last week and was totally a coup de coeur!! you’re right; if only it wasn’t so expensive….

  3. . what i think?!? I WANT IT!!

    . beautiful!!

    http://www.birdsaroundme.blogspot.com ?

  4. gi.

    this bag is the epitome of my winter wishes! minus the price tag…. :(




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