the day after

Hanging out at my sister’s place wearing pretty much everything my mom hates to see us in. Like faux-leather leggings and animal prints… This is a rather unusual outfit for me as I tend to dress more classic. But yeah…it’s “the day after”. So I just threw on some basic tee and added stuff from my sister’s closet;-)


Aaaah…I love/hate birthdays!

good to go

Good to go out for a short walk. Have a great sunday everyone! And thanks for the lovely birthday wishes! It wasn’t that bad after all;-).


Scarf: Zara, cardigan: my sister’s, oversized tee: American Apparel, faux-leather leggings: Urban Outfitters, ankle boots: Tod’s, bag: Balenciaga (my sister’s), bracelet: Mytho.


  1. I loooooooooooooove your outfit!!!!!


  2. cassidy

    Happy birthday. ha

  3. Your outfit looks very fashionable and well put together. Looks nice!

  4. super gorgeous and adorable!! and i do love love your shoes !! :)

  5. N*

    Love the outfit :)

  6. haha I can understand you! my mum hates leather leggings and a lot of other things…she never likes the way i dress up!! last saturday I wore a pair of leather leggings and she said they made ‘a bad impression’ haha…funny lady!!

    your outfit is gorgeous! i love animal print and love your shoes. you’re perfect.

  7. It’s a gorgeous outfit! I’m pretty sure my mum would hate me wearing it too, but I still wear them.

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