TOPSHOP check shirt & Blank denims

Apologies for not updating yesterday! I really wanted to do this quiiick outfit post before going out for dinner with the girls but then I was on the phone til the very last minute…La Di Da.  Wearing my new TOPSHOP check shirt (it has made its way up to the top of repeated-outfits-in-a-row!) with cigarette leg denims from Blank, old Gucci sunnies and platform pumps.

Crystal string necklace

I like to set off casual pieces like plaid shirts with something more GLAM like this crystal-string-necklace from Urban Outfitters.

Best basics

Blank denim makes the best jeans right now. They are soft, special and still affordable. Get them here.

Suede Pura Lopez platform pumps

Mine have cute zippers in the back. I got these suede platform pumps from Pura Lopez a while back and always thought they were sky-high. Ha,ha. Now they’re pretty average in my shoe closet. For not saying they are like SNEAKERS to me…Fashion is crazy!


P.S.: Sorry about the random picture quality! I want you baaaack, photographer!!!


  1. thanks for tips ! that rocks !!! i love your jean and can’t wait to buy one or some :p

  2. Great post. The whole ensemble looks so casual yet you definitely put thought into it. Great job, I’m subbing! :)

  3. Carla

    I like the check pattern. Perfect for this fall! You look great:-)

  4. hehe, nice outfit ;) I love plaid shirts can’t get enough! Your suede shoes are gorgeous…great blog btw!

  5. I love these shoes!!! And I am glad you are digging the blank denim too, we are both obsessed. I haven’t been able to pull off the plaid shirts, but after seeing you mix it with something sparkly I am wondering if I could maybe get away with it. Hmmm, I will have to give it a whirl I think.


  6. v cute! my topshop plaid is a bit too colorful to wear a ton-I want this one.
    The platforms are great-I heart suede

  7. I LOVE the checked shirt! Topshop always has such gorgeous pieces. Great outfit =)

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