Paris hot trends

So what do Parisian girls REALLY wear right now? While strolling through the streets (and shops) of Paris I spotted some hot trends of fashion’s ueber-city.

1. Proenza Schouler Clutch – Parisian girls hardly ever seem to compromise on bags. They go for classic styles that will look even more beautiful with a bit of patina. I found this MAGNIFIQUE little sister of Proenza Schouler’s iconic PS1 at Colette.

2. Uniform jackets – preferably in washed out denim. Every St.-Germain-girl has one! It goes perfectly with long tees and skinnies. This one here is from Current Elliott.

3. IRO – definitely one of the hottest labels right now. I got to see some of their brandnew pieces at Salon du Prêt-à-porter on Sunday. The embellished cardigan is my favourite.

4. Lace – to be honest, I really thought that lace was dead after the Prada F/W 08-lace-overkill. Surprisingly, all of the young brands like Sandro and Maje have picked it up THIS season. Well, it seems to work with shoulder pads and zippers for ’09 just as well! Lace-top from Asos.

5. Louboutin macarons – The famous shoe designer collaborates with the patisserie-insititution LADURÉE on a macarons-collection that will be available from 11th September. It comes in very cute boxes with Louboutin-prints. Perfect gift for all fashionistas!

As u can see, PARIS is a predominant theme in this blog right now. But I promise to let go for now and focus on other exciting fashion topics…until Paris Fashion Week at least;-)!

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  1. Yes, I’ve been hacked on my previous blog =( So I made a total new layout! And better security ;)

    IRO looks like a very cool brand! I love the clutch too <3

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