Rue mag_I

Sorry for not updating more often, guys! But I am a working girl…;-)  So this post is dedicated to the place I spend most of my time at: le desk.

Work place I

I found these pics in the amazingly beautiful Rue Mag. The second issue recently came out and I LOVE every single page. It just boasts with inspiration!

Work place II

I definitely need an inspiration board. It would be overloaded with the most random snippets after just one week though…

Work place III

Work place IV

What does your desk look like? It deserves to look just as pretty as your closet;-)!

Conference room

This would be my ideal conference room! A pleasant, inviting place where everyone can just pop in and join the conversation;-). Creativity should start here.

Have a good Friday everyone!



  1. I love the last pic! I’m so into everything colour right now.
    Thank you for the great tip on Rue Mag!

    Lots of love from Dubai!

  2. I have been thinking about doing the exact same post recently, work space has inspired me so much….nice photos !

  3. L.

    lovely pictures. my desk is a wardrobe, but when I assembled it, i changed shelvings, so it became a desk, with doors :)


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