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The maxi length

Bon, it’s official: I converted from being a total opponent of the maxi skirt length (don’t know how many times I prayed to my dearest coupine that I would never wear it…sorry for that!!). And now I TOTALLY love this trend.

How to best wear the maxi length?? Turn to  style princess Olivia herself…she is THE proof that even (or especially) petite girls can rock this trend!!


Follow Olivia’s lead and style the maxi skirt/dress with a belt, leather jacket or fur and a hat for a laidback, yet polished style!

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Olivia for ASOS Magazine


She might seem like a total bitch in MTV’s the city, but Olivia has the most awesome style and is a huge Les Coupines’ fashion darling! Now she is on the cover of ASOS Magazine and once again wins us over with her unique sense of style.


I especially love how she brings in less polished pieces like the Barbour jacket, Converse chucks and some pretty cool hats and mixes them with chic and ladylike staples.

Check out more pics and the behind the scenes video:

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Petite Palermo

Olivia Palermo at Markus Lupfer Berlin_I

Olivia Palermo attending the Markus Lupfer presentation at Soho House Berlin today.

Olivia Palermo with a tan Hermès Birkin bagActually Olivia is real petite. I didn’t even recognize her at first sight when she walked into the lobby of Soho House. She was wearing this white draped dress which she tucked into a Markus Lupfer fringy skirt and belted it with a signature silk scarf. Oh and she was standing on her toes the entire time for the pictures:-). So cute!

Olivia Palermo at Markus Lupfer Berlin

It was a really hot day in Berlin and I wonder how she managed to look so fresh! I’d love to see a make-up tutorial of Olivia Palermo – her complexion was really flawless and evenly tanned.

Markus Lupfer and Olivia Palermo at SoHo house Berlin

UK based designer Markus Lupfer and Olivia Palermo posing for the photographers. By the way his collections are really great! I hope to see more of him over here.

Now off for an iced caffe latte!


Top 10 fashion regrets

There’s a section inside Topshop with all the single pieces and it’s called “Buy it now – or regret it later”. I believe that this was invented specifically for me (and all girls like me). I have fashion regrets all the time! Everyday. Every season. I tend to either like the stuff of next season (which I can’t get my hands on) OR of past seasons. From a retrospective it suddenly all makes sense to me and I know exactly which pieces were worth buying (lasting power!) while I am totally overstrained with figuring out what I should get for the CURRENT season. Then I get obsessed with last season’s highlights and will try to source them from literally EVERYWHERE (Yoox, vintage stores, friends, ebay…). I decided to share a “best of” of my fashion regrets with you (AND I WANNA KNOW ABOUT YOURS, LADIES!):

ysl muse 2

1. The Yves Saint Laurent Muse 2 in BLUE!!! By far my biggest regret and top of that my colleague has it! So I am basically tortured everyday…

Marni fall 2007 wedges

2. The Marni wedges from F/W 2007 are still incredibly hot. I found them in a bronze patent leather version but finally decided it just wasn’t the same thing…Lucky Jane!

prada runway belt

3. The Prada belt from the F/W 2009 runway show is just too perfect for any kind of belted outfit (dress, cardi, coat, ANYTHING!). Black is still available but I want brown. Of course…

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