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Celebrate like Vogue Paris

vogue masquerade ball_lace mask

French Vogue’s Masquerade Ball on the occasion of their 90th anniversary is already history! Thanks to Jak&Jil I came across these marvelous pics on and picked out a few favourites for you;-)! Bon anniversaire, Paris Vogue!

freja vogue mascerade ball

Freja Erichsen

leigh lezark_vogue masquerade ball

Les Coupines favourite Leigh Lezark

Vanessa Traina and Alexander Wang

Vanessa Traina with Alexander Wang – they make such a cute couple, don’t they?

vogue mascerade ball_V

Tyra Banks pulling off the spider web

Vogue paris masquerade ball

One of my favourites! I think this is so hippie-esque – definitely quite the vibe for the new season!

VOGUE paris masquerade ball crew

And here’s the party crowd! Enjoy:-)!

The black Darla

darla black side

chloé darla geschlossen

I only just realized how beautiful Chloé’s latest bag coup -named Darla tote- is when I saw it sitting on the desk of my co-worker. It looks like a more polished version of the trendy satchel bags hanging off the arm of every fashion savvy girl in town now. Plus I fall for black soft-looking leather with golden hardware everytime :-). What do you think, fellow bag lovers?

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Going to Paris ?


I’ll be in Paris from Thursday to Sunday and will bring my camera. Expect loads of cool pictures:-)!

Pic stolen from Isabelle

Cool Girl Style

hermes constance_ny

hermes marais

new york two girls

Hermès is currently trying hard to update its classic, verrry traditional image by infusing it with  ‘Cool Girl Style’. Grandma’s silk carrés put together with an eclectic mix of highstreet and vintage? That basically screams for a stylistic clash pushing its interpereteurs, a gang of real CITY girls from NY, Paris, London & Tokyo in this case, to the limits of their mix & match skills. However, the result – presented on an online platform which can be accessed through the Hermès homepage – is fantastic. Easy, fun and authentic. You can basically breath the “summer in the city” flair. And even the iconic scarfs blend in naturally – like true vintage finds. Trust the girls;-)!

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Proenza Schouler fall campaign


This fall is the first time ever Proenza Schouler publishes an ad campaign and they have done a pretty good job:

Shot by photographer Daniel Jackson, featuring twin models Ann and Kirby Kenny as well as in vogue model Tati Cotliar, who totally rock the label’s look of “preppy gone grunge”.


Watch the behind the scenes video of the shoot here. Also, Proenza Schouler teamed up with experimental filmmaker Harmony Korine to produce a little movie for the collection, which will be airing on their website in September. Get an inside peak on Nowness (my new favourite site for everything fashion and culture!!)

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Is Gucci making a comeback?

the new gucciFor years Gucci had disppeared from the ‘scene’ – or at least from the list of brands that were considered cool and influential by fashion’s elite! To me the brand had been a relict from the 90′s that unfortunately had sold a little too well to people whose idea of fashion equals showing off some brands. Maybe the commercial success that came with easily understandable stylistic codes had actually ruined Gucci’s image. And then the global crisis for sure did the rest…No other fashion label seemed so out of place and even inappropriate when the whole world was facing a major economic downturn.

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Olivia for ASOS Magazine


She might seem like a total bitch in MTV’s the city, but Olivia has the most awesome style and is a huge Les Coupines’ fashion darling! Now she is on the cover of ASOS Magazine and once again wins us over with her unique sense of style.


I especially love how she brings in less polished pieces like the Barbour jacket, Converse chucks and some pretty cool hats and mixes them with chic and ladylike staples.

Check out more pics and the behind the scenes video:

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Petite Palermo

Olivia Palermo at Markus Lupfer Berlin_I

Olivia Palermo attending the Markus Lupfer presentation at Soho House Berlin today.

Olivia Palermo with a tan Hermès Birkin bagActually Olivia is real petite. I didn’t even recognize her at first sight when she walked into the lobby of Soho House. She was wearing this white draped dress which she tucked into a Markus Lupfer fringy skirt and belted it with a signature silk scarf. Oh and she was standing on her toes the entire time for the pictures:-). So cute!

Olivia Palermo at Markus Lupfer Berlin

It was a really hot day in Berlin and I wonder how she managed to look so fresh! I’d love to see a make-up tutorial of Olivia Palermo – her complexion was really flawless and evenly tanned.

Markus Lupfer and Olivia Palermo at SoHo house Berlin

UK based designer Markus Lupfer and Olivia Palermo posing for the photographers. By the way his collections are really great! I hope to see more of him over here.

Now off for an iced caffe latte!


Sailor chic

This summer I’m totally into the sailor/ regatta look. Love the combination of navy blue and white, gold accessories, stripes and red lipstick.






Editorial with Anja Rubik for the June issue of Vogue Korea.

Pics via Fashion gone Rouge.

Sexy smoke

So don’t get me wrong here! By no means I want to promote smoking on this blog, I’m actually a total anti-smoker and never even tried it…But still, since I’m living in Paris, I cannot deny it anymore: all the cool people do it…and come on, it looks damn sexy, non?!!



EDITORIAL-Tallulah Morton in Oyster Magazine _85!

I especially love this short movie of one of my all time favourite bloggers Gala:

Gala from Saga Sigurdardottir on Vimeo.

Pics by Garance Dore, the Sartorialist and via Knightcat.