Usually, I’m more the “pink kind of girl“…but lately I realized that I might be even more drawn to red…its all in the details:


Red Timex watch, bought at chez Maman in Paris (coolest watch shop ever!!!)…


O.P.I. big apple red (I’m wearing it non-stop)…


Marc Jacobs lipstick pen, my most stylish school accessory (seriously, I get lots of compliments about it, it even grasps the attention of the teachers…haha)


…and finally my beloved Prego bikerboots with the red zipper at the back…

Red is my new pink ;-) !!


  1. Love Marc Jacobs red lipstick! So sexy!

  2. lena marie

    nati, where is a picture of you with your red lips? :)

  3. I love those boots! The red detail is perfection :)

  4. The lipstick is hot.

  5. nati! this is rather incredible – i’ve been buying stuff in red lately too! red shoes, red perfume bottles, more and more crimson lipsticks ;)

  6. I absolutely adore your biker boots. The red zip detail is genius!

  7. Red is SO the colour of the year, I absolutely love the red zipper detailing in the boots though, kinda like Louboutin red sole signature but more subtle and surprising!

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