September wishlist

It’s September! THE most important fashion month has kicked off and I like to think that after a rather unspectacular summer there is a golden fall waiting for me:-). To be all set for that particular case I have put together a list of things that I just NEED (apart from the red Chanel 2.55 which proves to be a difficult mission…). Be inspired!

So here’s what!


1. The Camel coat (boyfriend cut and perfect length at Topshop)

2. A Theory silk shirt (can’t live without it!)

3. Red ankle-length denim (See by Chloé via Yoox but you can also try the Zara ones for cheap-and-chic alternative!)

The ACCESSORIES (a little more since I believe in ‘Eat Pray Accessorize’):

1. YSL Tribute sandals (to be worn with ripped socks. Sigh! If only they weren’t so damn expensive!)

2. Mulberry Alexa bag in black (I didn’t like th black but now I think it’s the only I won’t get tired of all too soon)

3. Vintage YSL bracelet (try Kaplan at Matches!)

4. Ray Ban Clubmaster sunnies (a cool classic)

5. A brown belt that I can tie around any random outfit (via H&M – I love their online-store for hassle-free basics shopping)



  1. Hi :) This is great! I want everything! hahah

    Hey, did you make that collage on If so, I’d love to know your profile name so I can follow you! (mine if Jennaveve on Polyvore). If it wasn’t on Polyvore, what did you use to create it??

    God bless

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