Summer Styles Carola

Not sure if it’s still the influence of my Milanese summers (all jet-black and dressed up despite a billlllion degrees outside!) or maybe just the fact that summers aren’t what they used to be: the color palette of my favorite summer pieces is clearly not summery…BUT I have a sort of Scottish tan going on so anything brighter than “greige” would just look ridiculous anyways (I figured)!


  1. Missoni skirt self-draped into a mini
  2. Taupe leather jacket (from Italy)
  3. Jil Sander platform sandals
  4. Vintage Levi’s cut-off shorts (got mine at Urban Outfitters and distressed them a little)
  5. Black tunic (COS) worn with a Stella McCartney silk belt
  6. Track tee(s) from American Apparel
  7. Vintage belt from Portobello market
  8. I have a thing for men’s sunglasses -  they seem to fit my face better.
  9. YSL-tee worn with Urban Outfitters necklace and a COS mini skirt
  10. I put the LANVIN-bag in here because it’s from their S/S collection and I am still dreaming about it (almost) everyday. That’s fashion fanaticism. Welcome to my bubble!


  1. Lara

    Carola, you have a great style!! the Jil Sander platforms are so chic, and the Blue Satin nailpolish totaly rocks:)
    xx Lara

  2. Ina

    Awesome McCartney belt…love it ;)

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