YSL rings

For a long long time now, I have been craving the YSL arty ovale ring. It is the perfect accessory to spice up each look. Just wear alone or pile them on, like the fashionable lady above from 4th and bleeker

…wear it in Summer time, like Marie-Therese with a cute white dress and a denim vest…

marietheres ysl

…or in Fall with dark colours and an animal print coat, like Caroline.

Caroline YSL2

Now, that we know how to work this statement piece, the only problem remains how to get it, cause it seems to be sold out everywhere!!


  1. Lara

    I love this ring. awesome piece!!!

  2. It’s sold out, of course! All the adorable items are the first to go :-(

  3. Of course YSL would make the most amazing rings. I am smitten.

  4. m*

    I’m in love with it as well!

  5. Krizia

    I had the same problem as you had: Sold out everywhere!
    And I live in Belgium and they don’t have any YSL-stores or distributors here.
    My sister is in NYC right now,
    and she finally found me the arty ring with the dark blue stone.
    I’m supposed to get it this Friday!
    I’m glad you found yours too! :D

    x Krizia


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