Bye bye slouchy bags! The new shape for bags is small and square with a long strap and ‘retro-feel’. While everyone else seems to go crazy about Celine’s Heritage model I’d rather take that money straight to Hermès. Not exactly an understatement accessory, the classic ‘Constance’ does offer a prestige that is priceless. Plus we probably won’t get tired of it all too soon as Hermès bags always stay refreshingly fad-resistant!

anastasia barbieri

Anastasia Barbieri featured the Hermès Constance in one of my all-time favourite editorials in Vogue. Très Parisienne! What do you think, Nat?

Birking Watcher

I love how it perfectly matches elegant and simple outfits in soft tones. Quite my bag;-)!

anna dello russo

Oh oh and even Anna wears it! Right there, that’s the proof! It IS a must-have accessory for the global best dressed (see where I’m aiming at? Ha ha!). No I just have to figure out a financial plan (crisis, crisis!) and then this will be my door-opener for Paris Fashion Week. Better than paper tickets. Definitely!


Pics: Jak & Jil, Birkin Watcher, TFS


  1. Nati

    LOVE it!!!

  2. Je ne savais pas qu’il s’appellait Constance … il est juste parfait!


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