There’s a section inside Topshop with all the single pieces and it’s called “Buy it now – or regret it later”. I believe that this was invented specifically for me (and all girls like me). I have fashion regrets all the time! Everyday. Every season. I tend to either like the stuff of next season (which I can’t get my hands on) OR of past seasons. From a retrospective it suddenly all makes sense to me and I know exactly which pieces were worth buying (lasting power!) while I am totally overstrained with figuring out what I should get for the CURRENT season. Then I get obsessed with last season’s highlights and will try to source them from literally EVERYWHERE (Yoox, vintage stores, friends, ebay…). I decided to share a “best of” of my fashion regrets with you (AND I WANNA KNOW ABOUT YOURS, LADIES!):

ysl muse 2

1. The Yves Saint Laurent Muse 2 in BLUE!!! By far my biggest regret and top of that my colleague has it! So I am basically tortured everyday…

Marni fall 2007 wedges

2. The Marni wedges from F/W 2007 are still incredibly hot. I found them in a bronze patent leather version but finally decided it just wasn’t the same thing…Lucky Jane!

prada runway belt

3. The Prada belt from the F/W 2009 runway show is just too perfect for any kind of belted outfit (dress, cardi, coat, ANYTHING!). Black is still available but I want brown. Of course…

Givenchy sandals4. Givenchy sandals from like 4 seasons ago. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these ever since I saw the most stylish girl on earth in them (on the street in London). Sigh!

Sienna Miller Prada bag

5. And another Prada regret! Great shape, great color, great bag! Even without the Sienna-Miller-crazyness…

Chanel Particuliere nailpolish

6. The perfect color that just sold out too quickly for me (working class with a 9-to-6 job u know…). Now I am running around with OPI’s “over-the-taupe” which is just not the same. Trust Darea, the nailpolish detector!

chanel 2.55 grey7. Chanel 2.55 in grey vintage leather. Leaves me speechless everytime I see it somewhere (not often as this is a rare beauty!). I didn’t have that kind of money at the time though…

Isabel Marant leopard skirt

8. Isabel Marant leo print silk skirt – I still love u baby! But our time will come. I know u are in the mytheresa sale stock SOMEWHERE!

Dior vintage sunnies

9. Dior vintage sunnies – these are not the exact same ones! But they come close…I had seen mine in Corso Como 10 back in the good old Milan days. Reminiscing!

Zara sequined blazer

10. Last but not least (and this one hurts badly cause it was even on SALE!): the Zara sequined blazer that style goddess & queen of mix & match Olivia Palermo wore out to every single event around NYC last year. Ouch!

Greetings from the “smart shopper”. Ha ha!

P.S.: No regrets ;-)!


  1. Nati

    oh well, the good old fashion regrets…let me see: YSL artsy ring!!!:( the All Saints leather jacket we saw together in Antwerp, I agree on the Isabel Marant Leopard skirt and the Kooples lace-up booties (Burberry knock-off) I saw on sale here and did not buy:(
    I bet I come up with more over night…

  2. superfine selection! i am still very fond of the YSL Muse 2 bag in blue too and the Marni wedges … instantly adored these pieces when they came out but never bought them, it’s funny to see them top of your list haha! Although I don’t have really big fashion regrets, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a pair of grey Balenciaga bateau wedges from last winter :-)

  3. Ore

    The Chanel grey vintage…defs a regret!!!!


  4. but that’s ok because something else will come along that’s more amazing and everyone else will already have splurged on those things! :)
    love your blog by the way
    great posts!
    stop by some time xx

  5. Laura

    I’m still searching for the PERFECT black pump I saw in an YSL window in Paris one weekend in Fall 2007. They had a chunky wooden heel and in hindsight are absolutly timeless. And that VAlentino trench I found at an outlet in NY but I had only my taxi-fare to the airport left. Why is it you always find the best stuff when you just CAN’T get them?

    Oh and by the way, any suggestions as to where to find the YSL are greatly apriciated

  6. Carola

    YES! I know that one! When I was browsing through the runway pics on for F/W I just thought how perfect it would be for this fall! But I haven’t seen it anywhere for a while. Vintage stores? Munich actually has some good ones.

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