All the fashionable Paris crowd gathered yesterday in front of Colette, to snap one of the highly coveted, strawberry-print YSL bags plus manifesto. It was a real fight and they were out in no time…

Among all the fashionistas lining up on Rue St. Honore, these two young ladies were definitely the coolest:


These two mini-fashionistas were totally into fashion brands and had already gotten the YSL manifesto last season (!)…too cute. So I could not resist taking a pic with them.


After the stressful hunt, I just had to take my bag out for a little walk in the sunny Tuileries garden…




  1. well done! super cute:)

  2. caroline

    Bonjour Nati,

    Merci pour les photos sur le blog.

    Bisous, bisous, bisous

    Garance et Margot

  3. How cute! Who’s the photographer;-)?

  4. wow, beautiful bag! those kids are really cute too. ;)

    please check out my new blog:

  5. Ivy

    Love all those pictures, esp the two cutie fashion ladies!
    Thanks Nati I had a great time that day. We should go out again some day ;)

  6. How funny … was there too!
    really loving the strawberry print of the bag :-)
    … and these two mesdemoiselles are too cute!

  7. Sieht nach einem schönen sonnigen Tag aus. Und diese zwei goldigen Cuties :)

  8. WOAH congrats nati! YSL bags i want one! or is it to gay for a guy?

  9. Nati

    Nooo not too gay, there were lots of stylish, Parisian boys grabbing one;)

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