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Sexy smoke

So don’t get me wrong here! By no means I want to promote smoking on this blog, I’m actually a total anti-smoker and never even tried it…But still, since I’m living in Paris, I cannot deny it anymore: all the cool people do it…and come on, it looks damn sexy, non?!!



EDITORIAL-Tallulah Morton in Oyster Magazine _85!

I especially love this short movie of one of my all time favourite bloggers Gala:

Gala from Saga Sigurdardottir on Vimeo.

Pics by Garance Dore, the Sartorialist and via Knightcat.

34, Avenue Foch

J’ adore the very particular, slightly spooky mood of this short movie with Lindsay Wixson and Mariacarla Boscono shot in 34, Avenue Foch, the location of MiuMiu’s last fashionshow here in Paris.

Sorry for the recent lack of posts, I’m gonna be back with more very soon!



Usually, I’m more the “pink kind of girl“…but lately I realized that I might be even more drawn to red…its all in the details:


Red Timex watch, bought at chez Maman in Paris (coolest watch shop ever!!!)…


O.P.I. big apple red (I’m wearing it non-stop)…


Marc Jacobs lipstick pen, my most stylish school accessory (seriously, I get lots of compliments about it, it even grasps the attention of the teachers…haha)


…and finally my beloved Prego bikerboots with the red zipper at the back…

Red is my new pink ;-) !!

Parisian Love

After visiting home for a few days, I am finally back to my beloved city!!


So, I just had to share with you this incredibly cute ad about going to Paris. It was first shown during this year’s superbowl and I have to say that Google did a great job in creating such a simple ad with such a strong message.

les Plastiscines concert


Yesterday, we finally went to les Plastiscines concert and it was FUN!!

After the show we had the chance to meet the girls and they are trop cool and really sweet. Plus, they have a great style!


Note to myself: I NEED NEED NEED a hat similar to the one of Louise on the picture above. All the cool kids in Paris wear one (but more about this later)!

I’m off to Germany for a few days, already miss Paris!


YSL retrospective


Last week the first retrospective ever on the whole work of YSL opened in Paris. The exhibit is presented by the Pierre Berge – Yves Saint Laurent Foundation and le Petit Palais in Paris. It comprises over 300 creations and is a true hommage to the master of fashion. A MUST SEE for all fashionistas!

So, if you come to Paris before the end of August make sure you don’t miss it! As for me, its already on my agenda for next week!

Have a great weekend everyone,

love from Paris, Nati

at Dior: fooling around

Apart from stalking fashion people at the Dior show, I also had lots of fun fooling around in sunny Jardin des Tuileries. This was mostly due to the totaly lovely baloon dog, which the Grazia team distributed in front of the show…



…yeah, I know doggy dog is just too cute


…then, I also met the fabulous Andy from one of my favourite blogs, Stylescrapbook. You should check it out!


…and I came across Emmanuel, a cute Parisian with a very impressive knowledge on everything fashion


This was really a perfect day inside my fashionbubble ;)!!

Ohh, and on a side note, after a way too long winter break, gossip girl will be back as of tomorrow with an exciting new episode!! Can’t wait for it!


at Dior: Garance Dore

After meeting Garance last season in Paris, I saw her again yesterday in front of the Dior show. And this time I did not hesitate to ask my all time favourite blogger for a picture..


As always she was incredibly sweet and stylish with her cropped coat and her Chloe lace-up booties – no wonder the Facehunter wanted to take a pic of her..


So I followed Garance a bit, while she was searching a new motive…


…which she found with the incredibly gorgeous Miroslava Duma in a total Chloe look


…so I tried myself with the same motiv..


Hmm, guess whose picture is gonna be better…;)?!

Manifesto hunt part deux

All the fashionable Paris crowd gathered yesterday in front of Colette, to snap one of the highly coveted, strawberry-print YSL bags plus manifesto. It was a real fight and they were out in no time…

Among all the fashionistas lining up on Rue St. Honore, these two young ladies were definitely the coolest:


These two mini-fashionistas were totally into fashion brands and had already gotten the YSL manifesto last season (!)…too cute. So I could not resist taking a pic with them.


After the stressful hunt, I just had to take my bag out for a little walk in the sunny Tuileries garden…



Manifesto hunt

In a bit, I’m gonna start my hunt for the YSL Manifesto here in Paris (its the perfect sunny weather for it!!). I’m gonna strategically position myself at the distribution location near Colette, to do lots of stylish people watching! So stay tuned!

You can find all the distribution locations here.

Just have to finish off with the Manifesto video, its too good (and Natalia too hot)!!

Les Plastiscines live in Paris


After missing out on the Phoenix concert already, which is completely sold out in Paris, I was lucky enough to get some tickets for Les Plastiscines! Still have to figure out who is gonna be my plus 1, but I am totally excited to go see them! They will be playing on March 16th in la Maroquinerie.

Now I just need to get my hands on one of their “Bitch in disguise” tees!

Perfect V-day

This year, I had the most perfect V-day with the girls in Paris!


We checked out all the right places for the occasion (definitely worth a visit when in Paris!):

It all started with dinner Saturday evening at this trendy Italian place in le Marais: Cafe Baci. Sunday morning we then had the most girly champagne brunch at les Philosophes. They really have the best breakfast, celebrity spotting included! We rounded it all up with a little stroll through le Marais, where we came across this lovely Valentine’s pop-up store, which distributed Kusmi Sweet Love tea for free!



Thank you so much girls, for making this happen!!

Lots of love, xx

Last days of soldes


The last days of sales in Paris have arrived and usually around this time, there is nothing good left anymore…so I was totally excited when I came across this amazing the Kooples necklace yesterday for 50% off. I have been searching all winter for this kind of necklace…it’s the perfect piece to spice up a basic jeans/tee combi and adds the right amount of rock’n'roll to each look.

Well, I have to admit that apart from checking out their sales, I had a look at the new spring pieces. The collection is gonna be super hot, but more on this later. In the mean time, I suggest you check out the Kooples site, they have a really good music player, to which I have been rockin all moring.

I wish you a great weekend, xx

Love from Paris


First of all, I owe you a huge apology for my way too long blogging feels like forever and I missed you guys!!  But now I’m finally in Paris, settled a bit and I’m back for good! So stay tuned for lots of exciting Paris stories!

Bisous Nati

P.S: above I’m on the farmer’s market on Place Monge wearing my oh-so Parisian Sonia Rykiel hat.

Happy New Year

noctambule 7

Dear readers, NO…we haven’t forgotten you…it’s just that we are both at very exciting places right now and we have been super busy the last couple of weeks! But it’s our BIG new year’s resolution to blog more in the coming year!!!

So NYE has finally arrived! The time of the year to put on your sparkly frocks, get the Champagne out and have a blast! We wish you all a fabulous party tonight. If you wanna have a nice overview of this year’s highlights, have a look here. Many thanks to Miss at la Playa for this great summary!


Les Coupines

The picture above is from the editorial Noctambule, Vogue Paris 2007